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Hallo, ich nutze Wunderlist schon eine Weile und war bisher super zufrieden. Seit ein paar Monaten habe ich ein neues Handy (Huawei) und seitdem funktioniert die Erinnerungsfunktion nicht mehr. Ich habe auch...

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App Won't Start iPhone 5

I just recently switched from an android phone to an older iPhone 5 as my other phone is broken. I installed Wunderlist on the iPhone from the apple app store, but when I try to open it, a white blank screen po...

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Views in To Do

Am I missing this? Is there a way to view the week of "to do" items across all categories like Wunderlist has?

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Retrieve data and delete

I am trying to download / retrieve my data before I move on from Wunderlist. I tried the exporter but no data was sent as promised by the exporter. I also wish to close and delete my account but I read that I n...

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Assigning reminders??

Is it not possible to set a reminder for the assigned person, instead of yourself? It’s annoying to be reminded for something you’ve assigned to someone else!!

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Wunderlist Crashes on IOS

I can't seem to open Wunderlist on ios (11.2.2). It crashes each time I open. I have deleted and re-installed and also restarted phone without success. Any ideas?

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Adding a to do in Microsoft To Do at the top of a list

How in Microsoft To Do can I add a to do to the top of a list? In Wunderlist there is a setting for adding to dos. I realize that if you sort your list by creation date, the newly added to do will appear at t...

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List view has gone on my iMac

I have Wanderlust on my iPhone and iMac. They are synced and still working but on the iMac I can't ee any of the lists. All I get i a grey screen under the menu bar. Any ideas how I get it back? Wander...

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Grey screen

I have Wanderlust on my phone and iMac. Over the last few days the iMac version shows only a grey screen under the main bar at the top (that confirms that I am still connected. The data is still there in my l...

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The only thing holding me back switching from Wunderlist to Microsoft To-Do is the lack of ability to add comments to a task, especially where shared tasks are concerned. Will this feature be added?

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