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Sort attachments

How do I sort the files or attachments within a list item? Thank you!

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proxy setting

how should I set my proxy for wunderlist? Thanks for help Dom

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emailing to do with file attachments

Is it possible to email the to do + file attachments. Currently only dropbox upload is available. I would like to email the to do with file attachments but seems as though this function is not possible in one...

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Uncheck completed items

Can you uncheck all completed tasks at once or do you have to uncheck them one at a time? I use it for a grocery list where things move back and forth. Also nothing in the completed items get resorted if item...

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Due Dates

Is there a way to automatically assign due dates to new tasks? I'd like the default to be that all new tasks are due on the date that I enter them. This would avoid tasks with no due dates getting lost and...

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Quickchange Due Dates in iOS

Was the feature of holding down on a task to quickly change its due date removed?

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Unteraufgabe oder Notitzen dauerhaft einblenden / ausklappen

Soweit ich es bis jetzt gesehen habe, kann man die Unteraufgaben nicht dauerhaft schon in der Listenansicht einblenden. In der Webapp kann man zwar seitlich ein zusätzliches Fenster mit den Notitzen etc. öffnen...

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To Do suggestions

I recently installed MS To Do and imported my Wunderlist data and have a couple of suggestions. 1. A star in Wunderlist should translate to a star in To Do. Starred Wunderlist items should appear in the Impor...

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Items disappearing

Help! Many of my notes in one of my folders have disappeared. This first happened on my iPhone yesterday and just now i checked on my mac laptop and saw the missing items for about 2 seconds and then they were ...

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I see from tutorials that you can do attachments, but i do NOT see the Attachment icon. Where do I get it?

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