Wunderlist Pro

What is Wunderlist Pro?

How is Wunderlist Pro different from the free version? Wunderlist Pro allows you to assign an unlimited number of To-dos in each Shared list, upload Files of any size to a to-do, create unlimited subtasks a...

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Where can I download my Invoice or view my Receipt?

You can download the receipt/invoice for your Wunderlist Pro account from your Account Settings within the Wunderlist Web app only. Here's how you can do it: Start by opening up your web browser on your de...

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How do I cancel my Wunderlist Pro subscription?

Note: You will not see the 'Cancel Subscription' button if your subscription has already been cancelled, whether by you or automatically due to a declined payment. If you're unsure and would like us to check yo...

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How to assign To-dos to team members

Assigning to-dos makes it easy to delegate tasks across your team. With Wunderlist Pro, you can assign an unlimited amount of Tasks in any Shared list. Users of the free version of Wunderlist can assign a maxim...

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I just purchased Pro through the App Store - why don't I see my upgrade?

Sometimes there is a time delay between the App Store and the app itself, following a purchase: If you purchased through the iTunes Store, go inside your Wunderlist's Account Settings from your iOS device ...

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