Wunderlist for Business

How do I share lists with team members of a subscription?

Sharing works just like it does in our other versions. After clicking the "Share" button (a + Person icon), you type in the email address your collaborators use for Wunderlist. People you've already shared a li...

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How do I manage my Wunderlist for Business licenses?

Log into the Web App at www.wunderlist.com, click on your Avatar icon in the top left, and then click on "Manage Members." Or go there directly by clicking here: www.wunderlist.com/business/admin A new Tab ...

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Where can I download my Wunderlist for Business Invoice?

Only the Admin for the Business subscription can view and download the invoices. If you're the Subscription Admin please go to wunderlist.com/business/admin. All of your past invoices will be available for down...

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