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How can I remove other users from a Shared List?

You can remove other users from a Shared List only if you are the list owner – otherwise, you will have to contact the list owner and request that they remove the user by following the steps below: On iPhon...

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How do I manually sync Wunderlist?

Since the release of Wunderlist 3's Real-time sync, manually syncing shouldn't be necessary, as it now happens almost instantly in the background. However, there may be times when service is slow or your connec...

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How can I delete my Wunderlist account?

To delete your Wunderlist account and all associated data, click here and sign in with the account you wish to delete. Please note: deleting your account deletes all information, tasks and lists. Your email ad...

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How can I delete or leave a List?

If you have lists that you no longer need, you can delete the ones that you own and/or leave Shared lists that another user invited you to join. On iPhone & iPad To delete a list on your iOS device, ...

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How can I reset or change my Password?

I forgot my password, what should I do? To reset your password please go to www.wunderlist.com/forgotpassword. Alternatively from the login screen of your phone, desktop and tablet apps, please enter your em...

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How can I change the primary email address registered to my account?

On Web, Mac and Windows Go to your Account Settings by tapping on your Avatar, and then on 'Account Settings.' Click on on the 'Change Email' button to update the primary email registered to your account, and ...

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