Getting Started with Wunderlist

What can I do with Wunderlist?

Wunderlist is a simple, well designed and easy-to-use task management tool. You can create to-dos for tasks that fill your daily life and organize them into lists such as "Shopping", "Work", "Private" or anything else you would like. Use Wunderlist to capture your ideas, goals, wish lists, trip plans and daily tasks.

You can also share your lists with friends, family, colleagues and partners. Use Wunderlist as your collaboration tool to help each other get stuff done

Is Wunderlist free?

Yes, all Wunderlist apps are completely free to you. We offer Pro and Business subscription options for users who wish to use Wunderlist's features without limits, or collaborate together in small teams. 

On which operating systems does Wunderlist run?

Wunderlist is available on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), and on Android Phones & Tablets. There is also a web based version, available at: www.wunderlist.com. You can read more about our System Requirements here

What other features does Wunderlist have?

With Wunderlist you can share lists with others so that you can all see to-dos and work together on completing them. With Wunderlist you can also display your to-dos in different ways with Smart Lists. For example, you can see all of your to-dos for Today or for the Week. You can also re-arrange your to-dos via drag & drop within a list or between lists, add Notes, Subtasks, Comments & Files, and organize your lists into Folders. To set up notifications for upcoming to-dos, you can set up recurring Due Dates with Reminders for individual to-dos. Real-time sync allows you to access your to-dos between each device so you can edit your Wunderlist anywhere, at any time. Finally, you can personalize your Wunderlist by choosing between different backgrounds. Wunderlist is as flexible as you want it to be.

Who’s in charge?

Wunderlist is made in Berlin, Germany and brought to you by Microsoft.

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