How do I use Tags?

Tags help you filter your to-dos across multiple lists. You can #tag your to-dos in both the Desktop & mobile apps, and with just one click on the #hashtag itself, you'll get a filter-view of all of the relevant to-dos across all your lists.

Pro Tip: If you write a #tag before your task's title, you can even group tasks with the same tag together within a list by sorting alphabetically!

On the Web, Mac, Windows & Android Apps

To tag a to-do, simply add a hashtag symbol to a keyword (like you would do on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) in the title of a to-do. Let’s say you’re planning a vacation. Just add the word ‘#vacation’ to all of the relevant to-dos, in any of your lists. With a tap of the #tag, you'll see all of the similarly-tagged tasks across all of your lists. Since the tap places the #tag into the search field, you can also use this feature by going straight to search results.

On iPhone & iPad

On your iOS device, you also have the ability to use the # button located at the top of your keyboard to quickly add and bring up your most commonly used tags. 
Note: Filtering your to-dos by clicking on a #tag only works if you click the #tag whilst in the Detail View.


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