How to use Wunderlist's Calendar Feed

With Wunderlist's Calendar Feed you can see your To-do’s with Due Dates in your calendar, whether you use iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook, or any calendar that supports the iCalendar format. Calendar Feed takes all of your to-dos with a Due Date and places them in your Calendar as an 'all-day' event.

To begin, sign into your Wunderlist account on the Web App. If you don’t normally use the Web app, don't worry. You just need to go here once to retrieve the unique URL for your Wunderlist calendar feed.

Go to Account Settings by clicking on your Avatar/profile picture at the top left corner:

Scroll all the way to the bottom until you’ll see the Calendar Feed section:

Copy the link (it starts with https://).

On iCal

  • Go to File > New Calendar Subscription
  • Paste the URL from your Wunderlist account into the field that pops up
  • Click Subscribe, and you’ll then be able to set some preferences (how frequently you want the calendar to update, if iCal should ignore attachments, etc)
  • Your To-do’s with Due Dates will now show up in your iCal. iCal will auto-refresh the sync depending on your settings, up to every 5 minutes

On Google Calendar

  • Follow the steps above in the Web app to get your unique Wunderlist Calendar Feed URL
  • Go to Other Calendars on the left and click the little arrow facing down to open Options
  • Click Add by URL. Paste your Wunderlist Calendar Feed URL, then click Add Calendar

Your To-do’s with Due Dates will now show up in your Google Calendar. Please note, Google Calendar only syncs once every 8 hours, so tasks you added in Wunderlist will not immediately show up in your calendar.

On Outlook 2013

  • Go to the Start ribbon, and click Open Calendar > choose From the Internet 
  • Paste your Wunderlist Calendar Feed URL
  • Your To-do’s with Due Dates will now show up in your Outlook Calendar

On www.Outlook.com

  • In Outlook.com, navigate to your Calendar
  • Click Import, then click Subscribe 
  • In the Calendar URL Box, type or copy-and-paste the Calendar Feed URL 
  • Enter a name for the calendar and select a color. Now click on Subscribe


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