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Viewing a to do's note is fiddly (Mobile)

Andrew — Jan 15, 2019 04:54PM CET

On Android phones, I've noticed if I want to view the notes I added to a to-do, there's a tendency for Wunderlist to think I'm trying to select text as I scroll down (no matter where I put my finger on the screen) or edit the note and it's quite frustrating.

Another side effect of this is once I almost lost most of my notes on a to do. This happened because it had selected a portion of the notes and unfortunately, my finger didn't hit the back button properly and so it typed over the selected portion, replacing it with a single letter. I had no way to undo the change except to go to my computer and copy the contents of note before the change made on mobile was synced.

I hope the developers can address this UI behaviour as it would make Wunderlist near perfect otherwise!

1 Community Answers

Fangyuan - Jan 16, 2019 at 08:32AM CET

Wunderlist Support Center Support Staff

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for contacting us; user feedback and suggestions are really important to us.

Your suggestion is really good and we will definitely consider it as a valid feature request.
However, we are excited to announce that we have just released the new Microsoft “To-Do” app. Since we’re focusing on adding new features there, we’ll consider your request for a future update of Microsoft To-Do.

Please try it out (get it from https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=846683) and let us know what feature you would like to see implemented soon on https://todo.uservoice.com/

Best regards,

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