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Open source wunderlist after retirement

Eric — Jan 17, 2019 06:42AM CET

Are you going to open source wunderlist after you retire it? I don't like MS to do, the functions, the way it looks. I've been using Wunderlist for many years now and don't want to move.
If you open source wunderlist after retirement the few thousand or so people who know how to implement it on their own server can. You could make it so it can't be resold or used by anyone but the implementer, but inevitably you have to understand that people just don't want to move to Microsoft, regardless of whether the new to-do app does eventually have the same features as Wunderlist.

I ❤️ Wunderlist, please don't retire it!

Perhaps you can simply stop accepting new Wunderlist accounts and leave the ones who have it working. I'm guessing it's all stored on AWS which is why Microsoft want to retire it. Well, how about asking current users for a small fee to keep it alive? I'd rather do that then move to remember the milk or something else, or even have to make my own using the .json file!

I GUARANTEE you most current users will pay and you'll be able to put that cash into your rather terrible looking to-do list if you so wish.

For God's sake if you give me the source code I'll start a new company in the UK and call it something else and give people the opportunity to migrate and charge them a small fee to keep it alive and never ever sell!

You tell the "Team" from all long time Wunderlist users, Wunderlist DESERVES to live on and we won't give up.

2 Community Answers

Marcel - Jan 17, 2019 at 10:49AM CET

Wunderlist Support Center Support Staff

Hello Eric,

Thanks a lot for the kind words, it’s good to hear how much you like the product we are working on. The team behind To-Do is the same Wunderlist team, so we definitely hear you on the feedback! We will keep working hard on making To-Do better than Wunderlist ever was and a worthy upgrade if you decide to switch over. Can you tell us which part of Wunderlist you miss most in To-Do? A lot of improvements and new features are already in the making.
If the problem is really about switching to Microsoft rather than switching from Wunderlist to To-Do, I can guarantee you that by running on Microsoft infrastructure, the new app gains a lot of advantages in terms of stability, security and availability, where it is already ahead of Wunderlist (we for example never had outages in To-Do since we launched it, as opposed to Wunderlist which had a couple of hiccups.)

Making the Wunderlist code open source is not planned though, I’m sorry.

Best regards from Berlin

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Eric - Jan 18, 2019 at 03:18AM CET

Thank you for your reply.

Can you elaborate on the security, as that is something I am most concerned about.

Is everything encrypted both in transit and at rest? What kind of encryption do you use? Is data for EU customers going to be stored solely in the EU?

Unfortunately, I feel that the infrastructure for the Microsoft version of the app would be more likely to be targeted by hackers etc. than the relatively unknown Wunderlist app.

Whilst I'm sure you can say the data is secure, the question is just how secure is it? As we know Microsoft has had data breaches before, so what can be done to prevent access in terms of two factor, and ensuring the API is secure? Among other security concerns.

To be honest I'm not sure why they couldn't just be rebranded rather than be completely redone, I'm assuming this has something to do with Microsoft's need for integration with their systems, rather than it not being possible.

Thank you.

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