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move subtask to another list

paul — Mar 01, 2019 06:30AM CET

Lets say I have a small job that requires some material.
And you get the material at a store.

So I have a list for that job with subtasks.
In the subtasks are material needs.
The jobs are small and there are many lists with tasks including todo and material
They are not quite project size

When I go to the store I would like to tag/filter the material subtasks to show up as needed at the store.
Ideally, I could [multiple] tag them as I write them so that all the material needs for that store for many jobs could be pulled up at once.

Since there are no tags, I've been going to the job of the day and going thru the material subtasks at the store.
It would be nice if I could either tag them or drag and drop them.

All the todo managers have some limitation.
I think Things3 was better at tagging
but I keep coming back to wunderlist

1 Community Answers

Fangyuan - Mar 04, 2019 at 04:47AM CET

Wunderlist Support Center Support Staff

Hello Paul,

Thanks for contacting us; user feedback and suggestions are really important to us.

Your suggestion is really good and we will definitely consider it as a valid feature request.
However, we are excited to announce that we have just released the new Microsoft “To-Do” app. Since we’re focusing on adding new features there, we’ll consider your request for a future update of Microsoft To-Do.

Please try it out (get it from https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=846683) and let us know what feature you would like to see implemented soon on https://todo.uservoice.com/

Best regards,

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